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Balloon Car Racing

The boys love the show Emily’s Wonder Lab. Last night, they watched an episode about balloon car racing and they thought the balloon cars were so awesome that they wanted to make their own.

Fast forward to our super fun Saturday morning activity (hence, the pajamas). Since I only had the morning to prepare for it, I improvised and used things that we had at home. This activity kept the boys busy until it was lunchtime!

You need:

• Cardboard boxes

• Paper plates

• Plastic straws

• Wooden skewer sticks

• Balloons

• Rubber Bands

• Scissors

• Transparent Tape

• Crayons

• Hot glue gun and glue stick

1. Begin by making the wheels. I let the boys choose to use small or big ones. They drew circles on the cardboard tracing cups and cut them out with scissors.

2. Cut the straw to make 3 pcs to form an axle. Put the skewer through the straw and attach the wheels. I helped the boys hot-glue the wheels to the skewer. I also cut off the sharp ends of the skewer with scissors for safety.

3. Using clear tape, attach it to another cardboard or a paper plate. Teo wanted a rectangular car body while Luc and Caleb chose to use paper plates.

Roll the paper plates and tape the ends together.

4. Attach the balloon to the plastic straw using a rubber band and some clear tape.

Test out the balloons before attaching it to the car.

5. Attach the straw to the car.

6. Use the crayons to mark the balloon cars. The boys just wanted to put letter as they were too excited to start racing!

7. Blow to inflate or you can use a balloon pump. 😂✌🏻

Ready, get set, race!!!


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