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Yarn Cutting

Who says practicing scissor skills have to be boring? Try this!

You need:

• board paper (I recycled old wedding invitations)

• hole puncher

• yarn

• scissors

• ruler

• crayons

1. Draw images on the board paper. Luc wanted a horse and Teo wanted a boy. I just used a pencil for this.

2. Cut out the picture and put holes where hairs should be.

3. Cut yarn for hair.

4. Tie the yarn to make hair/mane/ tail. Fold the yarn in half and thread it through the hole. The folded side should go in first. Make a hole in the middle of the folded yarn. Like this:

Put the other end of the yarn into the hold and pull it through.

You can also do 3-9 yarn strips at a time.

Repeat for all the holes.

5. Draw and decorate with crayons before cutting.

6. Cutting time!

Fresh from the barbers 💈


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