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Mi Q3 Treadmill


1. This is faster and sturdier than all the other treadmills from XiaoMi but this is bulkier and bigger as well.

2. The speed goes all the way up to 12 for a full speed run.

3. Comparing this to my previous treadmill, the Mi Walking Pad R1, this has more buttons to push.

4. It would’ve been best if the display screen doesn’t just stay on the how fast your speed is but continuously shows all the other data like time elapsed and distance without having to put the display button.

5. The running platform is wider.

6. There is a little tray for putting things like your water bottle, phone, keys, etc.

5. I still love my previous treadmill, but this machine allows me to run faster.

Thank you for updating my exercise equipment LGEI PH!


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