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Kandinsky Circles Collage

Moving on from Pablo Picasso, we took our next art inspiration from the father of abstract art – Mr. Wassily Kandinsky.

The boys watched a video about him and we looked at his famous works online. During our activity, the boys also listened to some classical music to channel Mr. Kandinsky’s synesthesia of seeing sound and music in color.

This is a collage of activities so we did 5 different activities with concentric circles. This took us an hour and a half from start to finish.

I cut and prepared 3” square papers for each of the boys. Two pieces for each activity so a total of ten pieces for each boy. This meant that they made 2 pieces for each activity.

You also need:

1. Oil pastel crayons

2. Watercolor

3. Colored papers

4. Scissors

5. Glue

6. Yarn

7. Scrap fabric

8. Double sided tape

Activity 1: OIL PASTELS

We began with the easiest medium to use.

I showed the boys how to make concentric circles. Reminding them to blend in the colors well.


Use more paint less water so the paper won’t get soaked through (as I didn’t provide them with watercolor paper). This activity required more control and skill to make the concentric circles.


I let the boys choose 4 colors from the colored papers that we had and cut them into different sized circles.

Arrange the cutouts on the paper before glueing them on to the white paper.


The boys used scrap fabric from my sewing projects to make circles. They enjoyed cutting the fabric as it was novel for them to cut it into circles as compared to cutting paper.

We used double sided tape to secure the fabric pieces together. Peeling off the double sided tape was tricky for my 4 year old, Teo, so I had to help him with this.

Activity 5: YARN ART

This was the last activity as this was the messiest to do.

I left it up to the boys to choose how they would go about doing this activity. I just told them to make circles using the yarn.

One put glue all over the paper and made circles with the yarn.

While the other one, made circles with the yarn before gluing them down.

Either way, both came out looking awesome.

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