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Chicken Chops

Chicken chops are my kids’ favorite chicken. Boneless, crunchy on the outside, and juicy and soft inside. I always make sure I have a bag of marinated chicken chops in my freezer for emergencies – for days when I don’t feel like cooking. These can easily be air fried or fried in oil.

This is a versatile recipe, you can also cut up the chicken into bite sized pieces to make popcorn chicken!

INGREDIENTS for Marinade:

• 1K Boneless skinless chicken breasts washed and dried

• 2 TBSP Soy Sauce

• 2 tsp Calamansi

• 1/4 cup water

• 2 TBSP tomato Ketchup

• 1 head crushed and peeled Garlic

• 1 TBSP Sugar

• 1 tsp Pepper

•1/4 tsp salt

• oil for frying

• 1/2-1 cup Camote Flour

• garlic salt

1. Pound chicken breasts flat.

2. Mix together all the ingredients for the marinade.

3. Marinate chicken. I usually half the recipe. The other half I put in a ziplock bag to keep in the freezer and I cook the rest. Marinate for atleast 30 minutes before cooking.

4. When you’re ready to cook, coat the chicken in Camote flour. The marinade will make the flour stick to it. There’s no need to add anything else to it.

5. Deep fry on HIGH for a few minutes on each side. These cook pretty fast so don’t leave them or they’ll over cook. Make sure to use high heat as Camote flour can get sticky and gooey if it’s not cooked using the right temperature.

Deep fry in batches and avoid overcrowding the pan. Remove excess breading before frying a new batch.

6. Drain cooked chops on paper towels, sprinkle some garlic salt and serve with your favorite dipping sauce. Enjoy!