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Planting Mung Beans

I’ve been having so much fun gardening at home so one of my best friends sent this kiddie planting kit for my boys to use.

Mung beans are the perfect seeds for small impatient children to plant since it only takes a few days for it to grow into a plant. And you can avoid the daily questions of “Mom, why isn’t my plant growing? Is my plant dead?”

If you really want your kids to see the plants growing and developing daily, you can use a see through plastic cup and cotton to grow the seeds.

For our planting activity, we used:

1. Plastic pots

2. Soil

3. Mung beans

4. Pot labels

Step 1:

Fill 1/3 of the pot with soil. The boys enjoyed digging up the side yard to fill their pots with soil.

Step 2:

Put in the Mung beans.

Step 3:

Put a bit more soil on top to cover the beans.

Step 4:

Water the beans.

Step 5:

Label the pots and watch them grow. Remember to use a spray bottle to water the beans daily especially if the weather is very hot.

The beans look like this after a week of taking care of them.

The kids were so happy and excited as the beans started sprouting out from under the soil. This was such a simple yet great activity to teach gardening basics of sunlight, soil, and water and how plants grow.

Growth after two weeks.

Happy gardening!


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