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Tamago Sando (Japanese Egg Sandwich)

I first tried this sandwich in Tokyo when Teo and I went on our mother and son trip. This was a month before Covid-19 exploded all over the world and we all went into hiding (at home). Anyway, I loved the simple and creamy egg sandwich and I’ve tried to recreate it at home. It’s made with only 5 ingredients! Getting it to be creamy just takes one simple secret: don’t overboil the eggs. This makes 2 sandwiches.


6 eggs

3 TBSP of Japanese Mayonnaise (please don’t substitute with regular Mayo)



Sliced Bread of your choice

Everyday Seasoning (optional)

1. Bring a pot of water to boil. Put in the eggs and start the timer for 7 minutes. Remove from the hot water and peel when it’s a bit cooler. You will get semi-runny, semi-hard boiled eggs like these.

2. Separate 4 eggs into whites and yolk. Set aside the 2 eggs (sliced in halves) for sandwich assembly.

3. In one bowl, mix the yolks with Mayonnaise.

4. Cut up the whites into small cubes. I like doing this to make the whites more uniform when I bite into the sandwich.

5. Add in the egg whites to the yolk mixture and mix them all together. Season with some salt, pepper, and Everyday seasoning (this is optional but I like to add a bit of this for some zing). You can just stick to salt and pepper and it will still taste good and creamy.

6. I like eating this with new bread. Just butter the bread and put the egg that was set aside like this.

7. Top with the egg mixture and cover with another buttered slice of bread.

8. Cut crosswise and enjoy 😉


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