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Rice Scooping


Picture 275

Picture 274



Caleb scooping the rice into the bottle using the funnel.

Picture 276



He wanted to use a spoon so I switched out the ladle for a spoon.
Picture 278

Picture 277


This activity quickly evolved into scooping water.
I made him sit in his booster chair.
Even with the tray,  I didn’t want the water to spill on the dining chairs.
There’s no such thing as too careful with kids around 🙂

Picture 279

Picture 280



Caleb: Mommy take a picture.
Okay…I don’t know why he wanted to pose like this.
The thinker??? LOL!

Picture 281



Our scooping activity finally ended up as a blowing bubble activity when Caleb requested to blow bubbles.
I think the colored water in a bowl reminded him of our bubble painting activity.


Picture 282


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