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Sensory Play : Coconut Cloud Dough

Caleb wanted to go to the beach today. Of course, the beach is thousands of miles from where we are. So, he had to settle for the next best thing…coconut cloud dough!

This is such a wonderful recipe for fun. Just two simple ingredients(If this seems like a lot to you, you can just use half of the recipe)!
1. Eight (8) cups of flour — I used all-purpose flour
2. One (1) cup of oil — I used the entire 250 ml bottle of virgin coconut oil to make the dough smell like coconuts…reminiscent of the beach.

If you don’t like the smell of coconut oil, you can use cooking oil/baby oil. Cooking oil would be better though, just in case your child tries to taste it 🙂

Picture 286

1. Measure out the flour into your prefered container. Whatever you have at home is fine. Just make sure it is deep enough for your child to reach in and doesn’t spill easily. I used an old dishrack cover for this.

2. Make a well in the middle of the flour for the oil.
Picture 287

3.Mix with your hands.
Picture 288

4. Take out your shovels and any toys to enjoy your coconut cloud dough!
Picture 290

Caleb buried shells in the dough and had fun digging for it.
Picture 291

He also buried his precious dino friend, Stegosaurus.
Picture 296

Picture 293

He rolled the dough into balls.
Picture 297

Picture 292

And made a mini mountain. Caleb had so much fun playing with the dough.
Picture 295

Even I enjoyed it! You can shape and press it together easily and it smelled like coconuts. We played for and hour and a half! 😉
Picture 298

This is a messy activity and it gets on hands and clothes. So make sure to do it in a place that’s easy to clean up 🙂 When you are done playing, store the dough in an airtight container. It keeps for more than a year as long as you store it well 🙂
Picture 294


2 thoughts on “Sensory Play : Coconut Cloud Dough

  1. This is a good reason to have a nice smooth linoleum floor instead of the beautiful hardwood floor I have…. beautiful it is but I would never have put it in my kitchen by choice…. I can imagine the flour would stay in the nooks and crannies of the wood until my son is 20! LOL It sure looks like fun though!

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