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Sailboat Racing

The boys like racing folded paper boats when they’re swimming in the inflatable pool. I thought making sailboats to race would be fun for a change.

You need:

• Board Paper (not the very thick one, use the bendable kind)

• Aluminum Foil

• Scissors

• Paper cutter or utility knife

• Crayons

• Wooden Coffee stirrer sticks (lighter than popsicle sticks, you can use barbecue sticks if you can’t find these)

• Inflatable pool or basin for racing the boats

1. Begin by making the sail. Fold the paper in half twice.

2. Draw a sail shape.

3. Cut out the shape. You should have 4 pieces.

4. Decorate both sides with crayons.

5. Assemble the sail by making 2 small cuts with your paper cutter.

6. Put the wooden coffee stirrers through the holes.

They will look like these.

7. Make the boat using aluminum foil. Bunch it up, crumple it, let the kids design their own boat shape and attach the sail to it. The boys just bunched up some foil around the stick to keep it upright.

8. Test their designs by racing and floating them! Guess whose sailboat was the best?

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Long and Short

Caleb wanted to do some “studying” but I wasn’t able to prepare for homeschool since we just got back from holiday and I was still on holiday mode. Anyway, here is our instant homeschool activity! Grouping and comparing long and short straws.
I cut the straws and Caleb sorted them by length and stuck them on play doh.
Inspecting the straws.
Hard at work.
All done!
Caleb did this activity quite fast and wanted to do more! I guess he really missed our study time. So I gave him some popsicle sticks to sort.
He described the sticks as fat and thin.
When Caleb was done, he still wanted to do some more so I challenged him to use the sticks to make a cage for his dinosaur. This took some time for him to figure out and had some help from me 😉
He was happy with his creation.