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Mad Science: Mixtures

Time for some experiments!

Here are the materials for the activity.
I used various kinds of glasses that I could find in the kitchen.
I filled some with water and the others with white vinegar. Then, I added a drop of food coloring to make it more appealing to Caleb.
I also put some baking soda in a plastic cup and let him spoon some into the glasses to see what would happen.



His reaction to seeing bubbles.

He quickly put spoonfuls of baking soda into the other glasses.
(Note: You might need to refill with vinegar to add more fizz.)

Of course not all of the liquids produced bubbles. He asked me “why no bubbles?” and kept on adding baking soda to make them appear. I told him to smell the liquids to give him a clue.
The ones with vinegar smelled bad and were easily identifiable. I asked him to sort the glasses by smell.
I explained that the liquids that smelled bad made bubbles because they were filled with vinegar and those that didn’t only had water. I kept the explanation short and simple! He’s only two years old 🙂

I let him mix the liquids when he was done to see what color he could come up with.

Caleb: It’s black. I made black.

Caleb smelled his hands when he was finished.
Time to wash hands!