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Fishing for Letter Sounds

I found another use for my thesis drafts!
I used them to make fish cutouts.

I drew some letters and poked holes in them. I fastened some rubber bands to them. So they could be hooked to our make-shift fishing rod.
For the fishing rod, I used a paintbrush with a long handle. I tied a ribbon to it and used a paperclip for a hook.
Picture 280

Caleb had to listen to a word that I said and hook the fish with the correct beginning sound. I also varied this by showing him picture flashcards.

Here he is busy “catching” fish. This was also great practice for fine motor skills 🙂
Picture 282

Picture 283

Happy fisher-boy!
Picture 281

When we were done, he hooked all the fish onto the rod.
Picture 284

A simple, fun, and inexpensive learning activity 🙂
Have a great weekend everyone!