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Blow Painting

Tired of painting with a paintbrush?
Time to mix it up! Try blow painting.

1. Watercolor Paint/ any paint that can be watered down (Makes it easier to blow it across the paper).
2. Straw — any kind will do
3. paper

Step 1.
Put a drop of watered down paint on the paper.
Picture 299

Picture 300

Step 2.
Blow on it.
Picture 301

Picture 302

Finished product.
Picture 303


5 thoughts on “Blow Painting

  1. Thanks for the like. You’re one of those: dedicated moms with magic hands. =) We’ll try the blow painting today.
    Since you homeschool, too. The posts under LEARNING and WRITING in MY TOPICS apply, if you happen to be interested. The older posts in particular are relevant to the younger ones. I dug this up because it’s an old one:

    In case this is helpful for the summer:

    No obligation to respond in any way. Maybe you’re not interested. Thanks for the visit. Keep up the great work with the kids.

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