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Finger Painting Trees

We’ve been doing more than our usual painting activities during lockdown. This was a simple and fun painting activity using just the basic essentials of liquid paint and paper. If you don’t have liquid paint, you can use your watercolors and just add a little water to it so it’s easier for the kids.

Step 1:

Draw the trunk and the branches of the tree. Let this dry for a few minutes. As long as the paint isn’t too wet, you’re good to go!

Step 2:

Use your finger to dot leaves on the tree with liquid paint.

Even Luc had fun doing this. It really doesn’t matter that his drawing doesn’t look anything like a tree. It’s taking part in the process and not the result that’s important at his age. Listening, following directions, and taking part in the group activity.

Step 3:

Add more details to the painting. You can use paint, markers, anything the kids want to use for drawing. They are limited only by their imagination.


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