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Lock and Keys

I provided Caleb with plenty of keys and told him to open the lock.
He tried using a big key first.
CALEB: It’s not fit. (Meaning: It doesn’t fit)
ME: Oh no! Why not?
CALEB: It’s too big!
ME: Try another one.
He found the set of small keys and tried it on the lock.
Great workout for those little fingers!
There were three small keys in the set.
After trying them one by one, he was able to open the lock.
Happy face of success!

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World Classroom: Supermarket

I bring Caleb to the supermarket with me every week. I think its high time he gets his own list of things to buy. This is a great application for reading, counting, and matching real objects to pictures.
When we arrived at the supermarket, I gave Caleb the list. He was able to “read” it easily and was happy to see that there was broccoli on the list (this is his favorite vegetable).
As we made our way to the fruit and vegetable aisle, Caleb picked up a couple of things on his own. When we reached the fruit and vegetable section, he got so excited to complete his list!
He crossed out the items that he already put in his cart.
Caleb got all the things on his list pretty fast. He was so proud that he could “read” his list all by himself. I should add more items to his list next week!

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Sock Counting

Simple counting can be fun! All you need is a sock and some counters that are big and easy to feel. We used glass stones.
I told Caleb to close his eyes while I put some stones into the sock. Then, I asked him to feel how many stones were inside the sock.
Feel counting. Exploring his sense of touch.
CALEB: There’s only two!
He checked the sock to see if there were really two stones inside. He was so happy to find out that he was right.
CALEB: Let’s do it again!

I had no problem with that, whatever gets him to practice counting. 🙂