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Smash Painting

This is a messy activity which is what makes it fun! We did this outdoors so I didn’t need to worry about the paint getting on the furniture or the walls.

You need:

1. Toy hammer

2. Cotton rounds

3. Big piece of paper (We used a recycled paper bag and transformed it into this big sheet).

4. Finger paints

Arrange the cotton rounds on the paper and put LOTS of finger paint under each one.

Give your little one the toy hammer and let them release their inner Thor by whacking each cotton round.

Mighty Luc used the hammer to drag the cotton rounds on the paper. He said each color as it came out from under the cotton round.

When he was done smashing, he used the hammer to paint like a brush.

Then he used his fingers to complete his artwork.

“Mama, Luc done!”


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