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Monster Hair Painting

The boys wanted to do a different kind of painting today. So we did simple blow painting with watercolors. I remember how Caleb loved blow painting when he was younger! This was a fun activity as the boys kept on laughing especially when they “accidentally” blew out some saliva onto their paintings. Hahaha! Enjoying the process!

You need:

Drinking Straw (any kind will do)

Watercolor paint

Watercolor Paper


Black marker

1. Using a pencil, draw a face or a head on the bottom 1/3 part of the paper. Trace it with a black marker.

2. Put a little watery dash of watercolor paint on the head.

3. Use your drinking straw to blow on the watercolor paint. Repeat until your monster has hair.

4. Paint more details and your monster is ready!


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