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Yarn Trees

For the summer, I am exposing the boys to different ways of making art using various materials. We are making trees using yarn.

You need:




watercolor paper

sponge brush for painting

acrylic paints

colored pencils

  1. Fasten the watercolor paper to the cardboard (I just used regular tape). At the back of the cardboard, tape one end of the yarn. Loop the yarn around the cardboard as many times to create tree trunks. When you are done, tape the other end in the same way. Make sure the yarn is tight enough to withstand paint dabbing. The little ones needed some help doing this but my 10-year old did this easily.

2. Use the sponge brush to gently dab paint onto the paper.

3. Let the paper dry then remove the yarn.

4. Use colored pencils to draw lines.

5. Colorful yarn trees. A very simple but engaging art activity.


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