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Mi Vacuum Cleaner Mini

If you like things neat and tidy, this is the perfect tool for you. I keep this in the homeschooling room to easily clean eraser dust, pencil shavings, and other little messes. It can clean your computer keyboard as well!



  1. It’s small and very handy.
  2. Kids can use it easily.
  3. Comes with 2 nozzles. I use the brush nozzle more than the long nozzle.
  4. Lightweight. Feels like a closed foldable umbrella.
  5. Easy to empty out the collect dirt with just one button push.


  1. It’s tiny so sometimes I misplace it and have to find it.
  2. Suction power could be stronger but this is keyboard safe so I guess that’s why.
  3. Can cause Vacuuming addiction, if there is such a thing. Haha. I spend more time vacuuming since I see a little mess and this vacuum comes to the rescue.
  4. It doesn’t come with an extra filter.
  5. It doesn’t have a filter brush.

Thank you LGEI PH for this newest must have at home!


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