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Textured Painting with Bubble Wrap

This is a fun way to reuse some of the bubble wrap that I’ve kept from all the deliveries I’ve had.

You need:

1. Bubble wrap

2. Plastic Tape

3. Hard plastic cup (we used the water container for painting. If you don’t have any hard plastic cups at home, you can use a shampoo bottle/a plastic water bottle, anything that is not breakable and easy for little hands to hold and roll.)

4. Finger paints

5. Paper

6. Trays for putting the paints and the paper

7. Paint scrapers (if you don’t have these, you can use a plastic fork)

Begin by covering the bottom and the sides of the plastic cup with bubble wrap. I taped it inside the cup so the cup could be rolled.

Prepare small amounts of finger paints in different colors.

Put the bottom of the cup on the paint and stamp it onto the paper.

You can also roll it.

For added texture, use a paint scraper or a fork. Do this when the paint gets too thick from all the stamping back and forth.

Watch Luc in action!

Luc enjoyed this activity so much he wanted a fresh paper and did it twice!


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