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Salt Writing

We tried salt writing for the first time today. I felt that Caleb was ready to try writing letters since he could already sound out both uppercase and lowercase letters.
1. Container for salt – I used a cake pan
2. 1/4 cup of iodized salt
3. Flash cards


Started with an easy letter. Lowercase letter “L”. Then I let Caleb choose what letter he wanted to do next. He chose “V”. Here he is writing it.



He also wrote “C” for Caleb. We just did those three letters and he just wanted to draw scribbles on the salt. I didn’t push him to do more letters since the main objective was to have fun and learn at the same time. We can try other letters next time 🙂


This activity can get messy, so make sure to do it in a place that’s a breeze to clean up. I had to find out the hard way. HAHAHAHA! Activity was fun and delicious for Caleb ( since he loves all things salty).


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Blow Painting

Tired of painting with a paintbrush?
Time to mix it up! Try blow painting.

1. Watercolor Paint/ any paint that can be watered down (Makes it easier to blow it across the paper).
2. Straw — any kind will do
3. paper

Step 1.
Put a drop of watered down paint on the paper.
Picture 299

Picture 300

Step 2.
Blow on it.
Picture 301

Picture 302

Finished product.
Picture 303