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Skyline Art

This is sort of a culmination activity of the past art activities that we’ve done which we’re inspired by Picasso, Kandinsky, and Monet.

You need:

1. Big Paper

2. Black Marker

3. Pencil

4. Oil Pastel Crayons

Using a pencil, begin by drawing 4-5 arrows of different heights. Leave spaces in between the arrows.

Make the arrow pointers wide. Then draw lines going down from each end to make it look like buildings!

Draw triangles in between the buildings.

Trace the drawings with a black marker and draw faces on the buildings.

Add windows and other details to the buildings using a black marker.

Draw other shapes on top of the triangles.

Using a pencil. Draw concentric circles in the sky. Let them overlap each other. Drawing the concentric circles was easy. Overlapping them requires more skill. My 10 year old, Caleb, was able to do this easily but it was a bit challenging for my 4 year old, Teo.

Color in the circles using oil pastel crayons. Each circle should be a different color.

Their skyline.


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