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Reusing Paper Bags

This is how I reuse paper bags at home to make big papers for Caleb to use.

1. Lay the paper bag flat on the table.


2. You can unfurl the bottom part.


Or you can do it the easy way by cutting it off.

Look for the crease at the bottom like this and simply cut it off.


3.  Next, look for the ends of the paper that have been glued together and cut following the line.


4. Open up the paper and it should look like this.


GIANT PAPER for your kids to use doodling, painting, and whatever else you want to use them for.  Have fun reusing and recycling!


What do you like to do with your paper bags? Share your ideas! I would love to hear from you 🙂

4 thoughts on “Reusing Paper Bags

      1. Thats a great idea! Thanks for sharing. Letting the kids doodle on the paper makes it more personalized and fun😉 Caleb and I cant wait to try this! Will post!

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