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Mi Walking Pad R1

It’s time to update my exercise equipment. Thank you LGEI PH for my new toy!!!

Click on the picture to watch the video of unboxing and how to use. 👇🏻

You can also click on the link below:


• Thin and compact, perfect for my tiny home gym

• Can be stored under beds and couches

• Movable with wheels

• Comparing it to my previous Walking Pad A1 pro I can run in this up to a max speed of 10!

• Phone/tablet holder or for your keys

• Handlebars

• Safety key


• So much heavier than my old walking pad.

• I hate the turn keys/adjustment knobs for the handlebars. Maybe production can come up with a better way to lock the handlebars in place.

• The handlebars feel flimsy when I’m running at full speed (speed level 10). So I don’t hold on to it.

• App connection still doesn’t exist for both Ph and China MiHome. Maybe since it’s still very new! Fresh from production!

For anyone who’s interested in the comparison, here’s a chart for the Walking Pad A1 Pro and the all new Walking Pad R1.


With its sleek design, and faster speed. I love it!❤️


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