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Rice Scooping


Picture 275

Picture 274



Caleb scooping the rice into the bottle using the funnel.

Picture 276



He wanted to use a spoon so I switched out the ladle for a spoon.
Picture 278

Picture 277


This activity quickly evolved into scooping water.
I made him sit in his booster chair.
Even with the tray,  I didn’t want the water to spill on the dining chairs.
There’s no such thing as too careful with kids around 🙂

Picture 279

Picture 280



Caleb: Mommy take a picture.
Okay…I don’t know why he wanted to pose like this.
The thinker??? LOL!

Picture 281



Our scooping activity finally ended up as a blowing bubble activity when Caleb requested to blow bubbles.
I think the colored water in a bowl reminded him of our bubble painting activity.


Picture 282

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Shell Scrubbing

Bought some shells for Caleb’s homeschool use.
They were still covered in some sand.
Enter the shell scrubbing/cleaning activity…HAHA!

Caleb put the shells into the bowl filled with water and dishwashing liquid. I just put a little–1 to 2 drops. I didn’t want it to be too soapy. Just a little bubbling action during scrubbing.

Picture 283

Me: What are you doing?
Caleb: I’m listening.
(It’s not the right kind of shell for listening.
But kudos for remembering that we “listened” to the conch shell that we saw last year. )

Picture 284

Put some elbow grease into that son!
Picture 285

When he got tired scrubbing, he poured the shells onto the tray.
Picture 286

Picture 287

We rinsed the shells and put them on paper towels to dry. Without being prompted, Caleb pointed out that some shells were the same and some were bigger 🙂 He pointed out the different kinds of shells.
Kids learning while doing an activity is always a plus in my book.
Picture 288

Shell scrubbing is hard work!

Caleb resting after the activity.
Picture 289

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Glitter Glue

Caleb having fun with glitter glue.
This is a wonderful activity for hand control, squeezing, and tracing!

Here he is getting a feel of how to squeeze the glue bottle.

Picture 269

Picture 268

Trying his hand with the letter T.
Picture 270

Picture 271

Tracing his name with the glitter glue (I wrote it in pencil of course:) )
Picture 272

Mixing the glue with his finger.
Picture 273