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Sensory Play: Colored Sand

I bought three kilos of colored sand from the garden center for Caleb to play with. It is sold by the kilo and comes in many colors and (grain) sizes.


Caleb enjoyed playing with the sand so much that he didn’t mind eating lunch (mealtimes are not his favorite times of the day). I fed him lunch while playing. Thank you colored sand, for making lunchtime easier!





Personal sandbox.
Yeah! 🙂


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Salt Writing

We tried salt writing for the first time today. I felt that Caleb was ready to try writing letters since he could already sound out both uppercase and lowercase letters.
1. Container for salt – I used a cake pan
2. 1/4 cup of iodized salt
3. Flash cards


Started with an easy letter. Lowercase letter “L”. Then I let Caleb choose what letter he wanted to do next. He chose “V”. Here he is writing it.



He also wrote “C” for Caleb. We just did those three letters and he just wanted to draw scribbles on the salt. I didn’t push him to do more letters since the main objective was to have fun and learn at the same time. We can try other letters next time 🙂


This activity can get messy, so make sure to do it in a place that’s a breeze to clean up. I had to find out the hard way. HAHAHAHA! Activity was fun and delicious for Caleb ( since he loves all things salty).


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Dinosaur Excavation

We’ve been stuck at home while a super storm rages outside . It’s a good thing that I had this activity saved for emergency purposes. I think this fits as an emergency– it’s “bed”weather and I had little prepared for homeschooling.


Caleb loves everything about dinosaurs at the moment. I told him that we would be digging for dinosaur bones. He was so excited to do this activity.

The package came with a wooden hammer and chisel to help get the dinosaur bone out. I just put the stone with the bone in a baking pan, to help contain the mess that we would be making (Straight out of the box, you could already see that it would be dusty and messy).


My little paleontologist.


Our first glimpse of a dinosaur bone. I had to bring out a big paintbrush, so Caleb could brush away the debris from the bone. He was so excited and wanted to pull out the bone from the stone — tried it — not possible. So we had to continue with the hammer and chisel.


I brought out the other tools from his toy tool box so I could help him chisel the bones out.


My happy boy couldn’t wait to get all the bones.


After some time, we finally found all 3 bones and put them together.



Caleb showing me his triceratops.


Overall, this was a great activity. It just needed a lot of muscle work from me. Hahaha! All in a day’s work. Anything for you son! 🙂