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Ribbon Scraps

Do you like to keep ribbons from presents that you’ve received? I have a whole tin box full of ribbons that I cannot bear to throw away.
The ribbons just keep on coming and I already have a hard time keeping the box lid on. So I thought of this activity to put those ribbons to good use 🙂

Cut up some ribbons and used them for a matching/sorting activity.

Here are some pictures of Caleb at work.

Picture 289

Picture 288l

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Bubble Painting

Bubble Painting Materials:
1. 1/2 cup water
2. water container (I used a deeper container so Caleb could blow the bubbles as high as he wanted)
3. food coloring 1-2 drops (go crazy with the colors!)
4. straws (I used standard restaurant straws, it would’ve been much better to use the really long straws though)
5. dishwashing liquid 1-2 drops
6. newspaper
7. tray
8. paper

This fun activity took 15-20 minutes.

Caleb used the straw to stir the water, food coloring, and dishwashing liquid together. He chose red for his first color.
Picture 278

He blew into the liquid mixture and bubbles instantly appeared. Sometimes, he forgot to blow the liquid and “drank” it instead. Not to worry, he spit it out right away. Hence, the need for the newspapers and tray to catch the stray liquid and some spit as well. Haha!
Picture 279

I let him try to use the bubble making tool but he liked using the straws better.
Picture 280

We changed the colors of the bubbles four times.
Here it is yellow.
Picture 284

Once the bubbles were high enough, put the paper on top of the container to catch the colored bubbles.

Picture 286
Picture 281
Picture 282
Picture 283

I couldn’t let Caleb have all the fun!
I had to try it as well 🙂
Picture 285

Here are the results of Caleb’s bubble painting.
Picture 287

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Counting Umbrellas

Picture 274

Found these umbrellas at the supermarket and decided to use them as counters. Here’s a picture of Caleb putting them into plastic cups labelled with numbers. This activity is more challenging than the counting cards activity

Picture 277
Goofing around and having some fun.

CALEB: It’s rainy and I use the little umbrella. It’s so tiny!
Picture 275

Caleb is pretending to hold an imaginary umbrella since we closed up all the umbrellas.
He counted the umbrellas closed this time.
Picture 276