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Painting with Trucks

Picture 281

1. easy painters/markers
2. clear masking tape
3. large paper
4. toy trucks (used lego trucks)



I taped the easy painters onto the trucks and Caleb made “tire” tracks on the paper.
Picture 273



I let Caleb choose which colors to put on the trucks.
Picture 274

Picture 275

Picture 276

Picture 278


Being a trucker is hard work!
Picture 277



Playing with Dada.
Picture 279



Finished product.
Picture 280

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U is for Underwear

We are now studying tetter U and one of the words that begin with the short /u/ is underwear. Thought this would be a fun activity. I showed Caleb real underwear (no pictures of course!)– his, mine and Dada’s. Then we did this activity.

Picture 268

Tracing the letter U.
Picture 269

Gluing the clothes (Note: using this kind of glue is better than glue stick because it strengthens the hand and finger muscles that they use for writing 🙂 )
Picture 270

Picture 271

Finished product.
Picture 272