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Sensory Play: Mung Beans and Shredded Paper

My mother-in-law sent me a big bag of Mung beans. These were perfect for a sensory activity without wasting any food. I just added some creepy crawlies to the beans and topped it with black shredded paper (which I saved from one of the packages I received).

Digging and scooping tools for sensory play

The boys put the paper aside and went straight for the beans.

Look Mom! Green spider!

I prepared this activity for Luc and Teo but Caleb also wanted to join in the sensory fun. Well, the more the merrier and messier!!!

The boys enjoyed scooping the beans.

Luc moved with his pot of beans to his mini kitchen. I guess he was feeling a little overcrowded by his brothers.

This was good for 30 minutes of fun for everyone. And ofcourse the boys had to help clean up after playing.

All sorted out and ready to be packed away.

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