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Fizzing Colors


1. Baking Soda
2. Vinegar
3. Food coloring
4. Droppers (I used medicine/vitamin droppers)
5. Large tray
6. Bowls for the colored vinegar

Put baking soda on a tray. It’s really up to you how much you want to use.
In separate bowls, mix food coloring and vinegar.
Caleb wanted red and green only so that’s what we made.

Caleb put some colored vinegar onto the baking soda using the medicine droppers. This is a wonderful activity for using his fingers and he enjoyed all the fizzing action.

Picture 294

Picture 292

Picture 293

The mixture got pretty soggy after a while.
It had the texture of wet sand.
So, Caleb played with it. 🙂

Picture 296

Picture 295

When he was done, he packed away all the “sand” under the little bowl and gave me the tray to put away.
What a neat little boy 😉

Picture 297


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