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Smoky bubbles

I got some steaks delivered and the shippers packed them with dry ice. Perfect for this activity!

You need:

Dry ice

1-2 cups of Warm Water

Clear container (we used a pitcher. The longer and taller the container is, the better)

2 squirts of Dish soap

1-2 drops of Food Coloring




After explaining to the boys what dry ice is (it’s a solid form of carbon dioxide. Mostly that it SHOULDN’T be eaten or touched with bare hands.) we were ready to play!

1. Mix some warm water and dish soap.

2. Add in 1-2 drops of food coloring and stir.

3. Use the tongs to put the dry ice into the soapy water.

4. Enjoy!

You can hold the bubbles in your hands as well!!

The boys enjoyed this a lot. Remember that it’s important for the water to be warm as the dry ice makes less smoke and bubbles as the water gets cooled.

I removed the dry ice and we made a new batch of warm soapy water for the boys to make more smokey bubbles!

This is from our second mixture. As you can see, the dry ice was still pretty big.
Third time’s the charm! We used a glass this time as the dry ice was smaller.

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