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Dirty Steak Rice

This is our all-time favorite rice for steak nights!

WARNING: This recipe is not good for the heart. But definitely good for the tummy 😂


1/2-1 Cup Steak fat Cut into cubes and marinated in 1tsp olive oil, 1tsp garlic salt and 1tsp lemon pepper

1 head garlic crushed or minced, I usually do crushed so I don’t have a hard time removing it from the rice when the kids eat it. They don’t like to eat the garlic.

3 cups cooked white rice – day old rice would be best

2 TBSP Light soy sauce

1 TBSP liquid seasoning

2 tsp garlic salt

Freshly ground pepper

1. Using a wok and high heat, cook the cubed steak fat. There’s no need to add oil, the steak fat will render oil. It will look like this when it’s done.

2. Remove cooked steak fat from the wok. Set aside.

3. Using the same pan and the oil from the steak fat, lower the heat to medium and add in the garlic. Cook until just browned.

4. Add in the rice. Stir it well so that it is coated in the oil and the garlic is well integrated.

5. Add in the light soy sauce, liquid seasoning, garlic salt, and pepper to taste. Mix well.

6. Remove from heat and top with the crunchy steak fat.

Enjoy it while it’s hot 😊


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