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Mi Walking Pad A1 Pro

Covid 19 has everyone stuck at home. If you’re like me and eating my feelings. I’m pretty sure you’re starting to feel all the calories in your body! This is the perfect gadget to get rid of those accumulated calories. Plus it’s a great space saver! It can be stored under the bed or under the couch! Thank you LGEI PH for getting this to me!

Click the link to watch the video👇🏻

The Mi Walking Pad A1 Pro

I found it a little tricky to connect it to the Mi home app but I’ve found a way to do it!

Go to your profile, and then the settings.

Go to region and language. Change the region to Chinese mainland.

Go back to your home screen to add a new device.

This will appear. Click on the scanner.

Scan in this code.

It will guide you to connect to your home wifi.

Once you are connected and have added the device successfully, the Novice Guide will teach you how to operate the machine manually and automatically. Complete this guide and you will automatically unlock the speed to 6.


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