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Marble Painting

My boys love this simple and fun activity. I did this with Caleb, Mateo, and now Lucas.

This activity is great for hand-eye coordination and teaches counting and colors. This is similar to the ball and scrub painting activity that I posted about but marbles are also fun to use since there’s so many of them and they leave more tracks on the paper.

You need:

1. Paper taped to a tray. I put the tape under so it doesn’t get in the way of the marbles.

2. Washable finger paints

3. Bag of marbles

Put some marbles on the tray.

Counting the marbles on his tray.

Squeeze some finger paint onto the paper.

Initially, Luc squeezed too much blue paint so I had to scrape some off. Here he’s trying to control how much paint he squeezes from the bottle.
He successfully squeezed little bits of paint out! Good job Luc 😘

Put the marbles onto the paint.

Roll the marbles by moving the tray.

Luc wanted to add more marbles.

Teo came into the room and joined in the fun.

The finished product.


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