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Abstract Art Painting Game

We’ve been painting so much during lockdown, it was only right that the boys learned about some famous painters and their works of art. Jumping off from their self portraits, we talked about Mr. Pablo Picasso and watched a video about him. We also looked up some of his abstract paintings online to give the boys an idea on what abstract art meant.

To create their abstract art, we made a game out of it to make it different and more fun for for the boys.

You need:

1. Drawing chart. I prepared this the night before our activity.

2. Dice. We used our color dice instead of the regular number dice so Luc could join in the fun.

3. Black marker

4. Oil pastels

5. Paint

6. Large paper

I made a chart for all the parts of the face. All the boys had to do was roll the dice and draw what corresponded to the color of the dice roll.

I forgot about the ears and the eyebrows and the boys reminded me. So I had to quickly make some options and draw it on the blackboard.

The boys took turns rolling the dice. They used a pencil for drawing. Remember that each part on each side gets a separate roll. That way, everyone really ends up with an abstract looking face.

Caleb’s drawing
Mateo’s drawing

Trace the drawing with a black marker.

Color in the eyes, nose, ears, mouth, and hair, with oil pastels.

Draw a line through the middle of the face and paint in different colors for each side. Do this for the background as well.

Luc was such a trooper! He sat and stayed throughout our painting activity.

Use a black oil pastel crayon to draw over some parts of face since some details may have been covered up by paint/oil pastels.

All done! Thank you Mr. Picasso!


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