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Bubble Wrap Impressionist Painting

Wassily Kandinsky was inspired by the Haystack series of paintings by Claude Monet. Claude Monet was the founder of French Impressionism. He brought painters and painting into the outdoors! For our Monet inspired impressionist painting, we used:

Bubble wrap

Watercolor Paper


Watercolor Paint


Impressionist painters had to work fast as they were working with nature. The light and the colors changed quickly so they had to be swift with their brushes and strokes.

To paint the sky during sunset, the boys painted on bubble wrap that was taped to the table.

This was the sunset on our rooftop garden.
Use lots of paint and work fast.

Press the watercolor paper onto the painted bubble wrap.

Tada! Instant impressionist sky.

Use the paintbrush to add more details to complete the painting.

Here are their impressionist bubble wrap paintings.


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