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Sensory Play: Making Muddy Animals

As the old saying goes:

Snips and snails, and puppy dogs’ tails; That’s what little boys are made of.

For this activity, we got down and dirty in the mud!

You will need:

1. A Pail of Water

2. Toy Farm Animals

3. Digging tools/toys

Explain that mud is made when soil gets wet by rain or by water. Simple science for the little ones 😊 You can also do this on a rainy day. So they can really see how muddy it gets!

It was a sunny day when we did this activity, so we made the mud ourselves. We used two small pails of water to make mud.

Once it got muddy enough, it was time for the animals to jump in and have some fun!

The boys spent a lot of time on this. Burying the animals and scooping mud on top of them. Muddy, messy, fun!

When the boys got tired of playing. It was time to round up all the animals for their bath. The boys used the digging tools to get the animals out of the mud. They called it their “bad animal rescue” 😂 Bad because they got so dirty.

Luc wanted to carry the animals to the washing area.

Look at those beads of sweat! This little man was hard at work!

For the washing area, I prepared:

1. A basin filled with clean water

2. A basin filled with soapy water

3. Old toothbrushes

Set up an assembly line for the kids to wash the animals then drop them into the clean water.

Put those cute little hands to good use by scrubbing the animals with soapy water.

Some more fun washing the soap off.

All cleaned up and ready for the next activity!


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