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Soap vs. Germs

With the COVID-19 pandemic in full swing, this was a simple, fun, and colorful experiment to show the boys the importance of washing their hands.

You need:

Baking dish

1 cup of FULL CREAM milk

Food coloring

Cotton swabs

2 teaspoons Liquid Dish soap

Little germ faces which I drew on leftover clear plastic with a black marker

Germy Faces drawn on plastic

Begin by pouring milk into the baking dish.

Get those little muscles working by going to town squeezing out food coloring.

Drop in the little germ face cutouts. They should float.

Dip cotton swabs on liquid detergent.

Dip the cotton swabs into the milk mixture and watch colorful germs move away from the soapy cotton swabs.

This reaction happens because milk is made up of minerals, proteins, and fats. When the dish soap is added to the milk, those molecules run around and try to attach to the fat molecules in the milk. The soap “runs” around after all the fats in the milk. This is the reason why the food coloring in the milk is important. It makes it easier for us to see this reaction.

For a simpler explanation that two and four year olds can fully understand:

Soap scares germs away. So wash your hands with soap! 😊


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