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Sensory Play: Fun with Foam

This is a super simple “no-brainer” activity that you won’t need a day ahead to prepare for.

You only need water and some laundry powder! For an extra layer of fun, we colored the water with watercolor paint. You can opt not to do this if you don’t have watercolor paints. White foam is still fun to play with!

We used:

1. Container for water and foam

2. 1/2 cup laundry powder

3. watercolor paint

4. paintbrush

5. hand mixer

6. toys for playing with water

Begin by filling 1/4 of your container with water.

Color the water with watercolor paint (you can skip this part if you don’t have any watercolor paints).

I initially gave the boys the cheap watercolor paints but I had to bust out the Prang watercolor paints to make it easier for them to color the water.

Luc’s water was already cloudy when he added paint to the water since he already put some laundry powder in it. He’s only 2 years old so waiting isn’t really his strongest trait 😂. If your child did the same thing, don’t worry, you can still make foam. It’s all part of the fun!

Put 1/2 cup of laundry powder into the colored water. It will look like this before it’s transformed into foam.

Use a hand mixer to make the foam. I used the highest setting for this. Remember to put the mixer only halfway into the water to incorporate more air into the water and create the foam.

Teo wanted to try using the whisk (Yey! For thinking outside the box!). A whisk CAN be used but it will take longer and need more muscle power.

He got tired and used the hand mixer.

Making the foam was fun. But not as FUN as playing with it!

The smiles on these little faces make it all worthwhile for me. 😊

Everyone had to help clean up after.

Some more fun stomping on the foam.

And washing the table.


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