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Straw Launchers

Cooped up at home? No problem! Time to make some straw launchers!

You will need:

1. Paper. We used Letter sized white paper (8.5×11).

2. Drinking Straws. We used washable metal straws.

3. Clear Tape

4. Double sided tape

5. Plastic pouch/ any kind of small plastic that can be recycled.

Begin by cutting the plastic pouch so the drinking straw will fit easily when inserted.

Use clear tape to seal the side where you cut with the scissors. Do not tape up the bottom. That is where you will insert the drinking straw.

It should look like this when you’re done.

Prepare the paper for drawing. Fold the paper in half and cut along the crease.

Fold the paper lengthwise (on the long side). Do not cut.

Fold the paper crosswise and cut.

It should look like this.

Draw a picture on one side of the paper. The boys picked an airplane, a submarine and a rocket. Make sure that your drawing faces towards the fold that keeps the two sides together. I made the drawings. If your child is older, you can have him/her draw.

Flip your paper around.

Put the paper against a window and trace the mirror image of the drawing that you made.

When you open the paper, it should look like this.

Have your child color the drawings.

When they are done coloring, cut around the image leaving a white outline. Be careful not to cut the fold that keeps the two sides together.

Open up the drawing and put double sided tapes on both sides.

Put the plastic straw sheath on one side making sure that the hole for putting in the straw is facing away from the fold.

Fold the other side over the plastic sheath. Securing the two sides of the drawings together.

Remember to insert the straw only halfway into the plastic sheath and blow. This will create space for the air that will be blown into it and launch the airplane, rocket, or submarine into the air.


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