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Patterned Tree Painting

I found this awesome painting idea from MrsHarrisArt! I like that it used mixed media and it was simple enough for my 4 year old to do.

The boys took turns doing this as I didn’t want them to be in a hurry to catch up with each other. This took Caleb (9yo) 30 minutes to finish while it took Mateo (4yo) about an hour.


1. Painting paper or any big paper that can hold paint

2. Pencil

3. Markers

4. Crayons

5. Paint – we used washable paint and acrylic paint

Step 1:

I showed them pictures of Birch trees and they drew the trees using a pencil. Then they traced it with a black marker. The trees and branches were easy for them to draw since they were just lines.

Step 2:

I showed them different patterns that they could use to fill in their tree trunks. We used Google for this. 😀

They picked a pattern inspiration for each trunk and used a marker to draw.

Step 3:

Color in the patterns with crayons.

Step 4:

Fill in the background with paint and let it dry.

All done!

***In the meantime, Luc was also busy doing his own mixed media thing.

Happy painting everyone! 😀

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