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Pompoms and Tongs

I did this fine motor activity with Caleb and Mateo when they were around the same age as Luc is now (he’s 2). These pompoms have been with us since Caleb was 2 years old. They have brought joy and delight to all my boys!

I just added felt letters to the mix and used a muffin pan instead of plastic cups.

You will need:

1. muffin pan

2. Pompoms

3. Felt letters/ you can use other things/toys that you have at home that are soft and safe for 2 year olds to play with

4. Small Ice tongs

5. Container for pompoms and felt letters

Luc enjoyed filling the pan with pompoms.

He started with the big pompoms as they were easier to manipulate with the tongs then moved on to smaller ones as he gained more confidence with his tong wielding skills. The felt letters were pretty much ignored! Hahaha 😂 Oh well, they added variety to the pompom mix and made it more visually appealing to Luc.

Look Mom! Black!

When he got tired, he sorted the pompoms according to size.

He was so amazed with these super tiny pompoms.

This is a super simple and fun activity for toddlers.

When he was done, it was time to pack away and move on to the next activity.

Thanks for dropping by!


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