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Salt Painting

ECQ has us all keeping the kids busy 24/7. These are challenging times that we live in. Especially since most of the stores are closed, we have to be frugal and make do with the supplies that we have at home.

This is a super simple activity that uses only:

1. Salt

2. White Glue

3. Watercolor Paints

4. Paper that won’t tear when it gets wet. We used board paper.

Step 1: Use the glue to draw a design on the paper. Make sure to put the paper on a tray so it will be easy to shake off the excess salt.

I “helped” Lucas to draw this.

Step 2: Sprinkle salt on the paper.

Step 3: Shake off the excess salt from your paper and put into another tray/container to be reused.

Mateo is reusing the salt that Lucas used.

Step 4: Use watercolor to paint on the salt. Do this in drops. The boys enjoyed watching the colors spread and get absorbed by the salt.

Younger kids might brush on the salt instead of dropping the paint onto it. Lucas, my two year old did that 😂 It’s fine, as long as he’s still painting and enjoying the process. Maybe I should’ve given him a dropper and colored water. Oh well! Next time 😀

This is a close up of how the colors spread on the salt.

Let it dry for a day or two.

All done and waiting to dry.


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