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Body Tracing

I bought wall decals for Caleb’s room.
I couldn’t bring myself to throw away the paper backing without using it!
Recycle, reuse and reduce 🙂
Big pieces of paper = body tracing!

I used a pencil to trace Caleb’s body onto the paper.

He’s tracing the lines and drawing on his face and hands in these pictures.

Picture 271

Picture 270

Picture 272

When Caleb got tired drawing, I gave him parts of the face to stick onto the head.
This was a wonderful review for body parts! I just drew the eyes, eyebrows, ears, and nose on sticker paper using a Sharpie.
For the mouth and heart, I used red paper and put double-sided tape on the back. I made the mouth U-shape so Caleb could put whether he was happy or sad. This was a great way to check on feelings. I’m glad to know that he felt happy 🙂

Picture 273

Picture 274

Picture 274

Caleb drew hair on himself.
This was a fun practice for drawing lines!
Picture 275

He stickered his feet for shoes 🙂
Picture 276

Traced his name onto the paper.
Picture 278

He wanted to paint his face like a dog before taking a picture with the final product. He’s supposed to be Blue in Blues Clues.

Picture 279

Picture 280


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