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Loose Parts Leaf Play

The boys have been feeling cooped up indoors so it was time to venture a bit out into the world – to the front garden! They wore masks outside in case someone would walk by our gate. Better to be extra safe 👍🏻

For this activity we used:

• Paper

• Scissors

• Black Crayon

• Plastic Tray

• Little Baskets

• Leaves

1. Begin by drawing faces on the paper. Luc asked me to draw Mr. Panda from his favorite book and a dragon.

Teo drew a monster face.

2. Cut out the faces.

3. Collect leaves by cutting from the stem. The boys enjoyed harvesting and cutting leaves.

4. Let them play.

They created, destroyed, and created anew. These are some of my favorites.

Mr. Panda’s Dress
Monster in the Forest

Some gardening and sunshine for my little ones. Happy boys = happy mom 😊


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