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Snail Making

The boys have been finding so many snails in our garden. They like to move the snails around in the garden especially the big ones that like to climb on the walls! They have watched videos and read all about snails. Now it’s time for a snail activity!

You need:

• Shells

• Play Doh

• Metal tacks for eyes

I just used a black permanent marker to draw the eyes.

Shape the PlayDoh to make the muscular foot or body of the snail. Put the shell on top and add the eyes.

The boys made proper looking snails then started to make interesting looking ones. Here are some of their creations.👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻

Super Snail
Unicorn Snail

My eldest who’s already 10, initially didn’t want to join the baby activity but he couldn’t resist 😂 Here’s his chubby snail which he made to look like him🤣


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