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Body Portraits

This is a fun activity to record your kids hands and feet and to see how they perceive themselves.

You need:

1. Big piece of paper

2. Pencil

3. Crayons

4. Paint

5. Black marker

6. Watercolor paint

7. Paintbrush

Begin by tracing the feet on the paper. The boys took turns tracing each other’s feet.

Trace your hand on the paper. Position it on top of each foot.

It should look like this.

Draw a circle or an oval for the head.

Draw details on the picture. Hair eyes, eyebrows, mouth, nose, ears, body, and legs.

Trace with a black marker.

Use crayons for some details to achieve some paint resist.

Use watercolors to paint around the drawing making a radiating design with different colors.

Paint the shirt and the pants.

Draw additional details with a marker as needed.

Self portraits done ✅

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