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Sandpaper Shirt Printing

I got this idea from my friend Gabbi. You will need:
1. Sandpaper
2. Crayons
3. Shirt
4. Iron
5. Cardboard
6. Newspaper

Step one.
Use the crayons to draw on the sandpaper.
I provided Caleb with different coloring materials and let him choose which one was the best to use on the rough paper. Here, he’s testing out the coloring materials.
CALEB: This one! I like this!
Caleb enjoyed drawing on the rough paper.
It’s easy to trace on!
Caleb traced his name.
He even learned to draw a sun.
Ready for the next step!

Step 2.
Put the cardboard under the shirt. Position it so the sandpaper that will be ironed on to it will fit on top.


Step 3.
Put the sandpaper facedown on the shirt.

Step 4.
Put the newspaper ( I just used a sheet) on top of the sandpaper and iron using medium to medium high setting. This takes less than a minute to do.


Step 5.
Remove and see the print on the shirt.
Maybe we should’ve mirrored the letters. Hahaha! 😝
Caleb wanted to do another one. So we used the same sandpaper and drew on it again.
Tada! All done!

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