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Crafting with Pompoms

Even with a five year age gap, my boys fight, wrestle, and argue a LOT! This is a super simple activity that they like to do together which gives me a few minutes of peace and quiet.

You will need:

1. Pompom balls

2. Glue (we used colored glue)

3. Board Paper (I cut it into a star shape)

Put the pompoms in trays and let them glue them onto the paper.

Sit down, relax, and watch them craft.

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Tongs for Fine Motor Skills

Materials that we used for this activity:
1. recycled fruit cups
2. large tray
3. ice tongs (these were smaller and could easily fit Caleb’s hands)
4. pompoms

Picture 281


Caleb used the tongs to put the pompoms into individual cups.

Picture 284



Caleb tried to use his left hand.
He’s pretty much right-handed but occasionally, he likes to use his left hand too.

Picture 285


Packing away the pompoms using the tongs.
Picture 286


I guess he got tired, so I let him “pour” the pompoms into the bag instead. Way to go! Practice for pouring 🙂 This activity was good practice for fine motor skills and it was fun as well!

Picture 287