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Wood Printing

Try this fun printing activity to kick off the start of summer!


• Wooden squares, we used the back of our wood puzzles. Wooden blocks will work with this as well. The unpainted wood makes for a nice and interesting texture on the paper.

• poster paint or acrylic paints

• paintbrushes

• foam stickers

• scissors

• big pieces of paper

1. Be sure to cover the work area as this will get messy! I had three participants for this activity so we had to move this activity to the dining room for more space.

2. Use the paintbrushes to put paint on the back side of the wooden squares. Caleb painted half the square in different colors. While Luc and Teo opted for single colored squares. Any design is fine as long as you put the paint thickly.

2. Flip the wooden square over and stamp it onto the paper.

Repeat the process until the paper is full of stamped on squares.

3. Wash the wooden squares and wipe dry. Use the foam stickers to make patterns on the squares.

4. Apply paint to the stickers and stamp them onto the patterned paper.

All done!


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